Onsite Blasting

At Better Blast, we are set up to service all areas of Melbourne and Victoria.

Our trucks have onsite mobile blasting units set up with portable blast pots and diesel compressors. This ensures easy transportation from site to site.

We are also set up to wet blast by using our mobile sandblasting units, this ensures the dust and residue are at a minimum for built-up areas. This is a fantastic way of blasting residential pools, brickwork, concrete and steel fencing. Keeping neighbours, local councils and clients happy.

We also offer a clean-up service. No job is too big or small.

Some of the projects our onsite blasting units have been used for include graffiti removal from railway stations and tunnels, onsite stenciling of company names into concrete or brickwork, blasting of apartments and restaurants, and the removal of paint from tar or concrete for car park refurbishments.

Contact us today to discuss your on-site blasting requirements.